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For people who are serious about teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESL/EFL).
This is an LJ community for people who are serious about teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESL/EFL). You do not need to have a degree or certification, but you must be serious about teaching. That's the sole criterion for joining.

In other words, if your main goal in teaching English abroad (for example) is to have a paid vacation of that country while doing as little work as possible, please don't join. (However, if you find yourself in a situation that assumes basically untrained teachers can effectively teach English, and you want to do a better job than that, please feel free to join.) If you are totally new to the idea of TESOL, please visit the TESOL association's page on "Beginning a Career." English/EFL/ESL students are welcome to read the community posts but should not ask for help with their English here. Please visit the Help Center at Dave's ESL Cafe instead--it's very helpful!

Teachers who are non-native speakers of English are completely welcome to join.

Teachers of other languages who want to discuss second language acquisition/pedagogy in general are also completely welcome to join.

Members of this community are welcome to share stories about their experiences, ask for advice on graduate programs or good places to work, and ask for assistance on planning lessons, dealing with administration, etc. Posting links to interesting articles, websites, and other LJ users/feeds/communities, whether popular or academic, is highly encouraged. Posting news about workshops and conferences is also encouraged. In both case, if the post is very long (such as reposting an entire article) or region-specific (such as the Northern CATESOL conference), please use an lj-cut.


If you don't tag your post, the moderator may ask you to edit your post and add tags. You can tag each entry you make to the community, and edit others' tags. The list of tags includes CALL (computer-assisted language learning), reflections (for self-observation, personal thoughts, etc.), anecdotes, recommendations, warnings, graduate study, introductions, lesson planning, and others. Please use the tags and add to them (specific countries, for example) as needed. That way everyone can easily find past useful posts.

If you are concerned about colleagues, employers, or potential employers reading your posts, you may make your entries "friends only." That means that only other members of the community will be able to see the entry, and it should not be indexed by search engines.

Please encourage your LJ friends, colleagues, and classmates to join! The more people we have, the better resource this will be.

The main rule: Be considerate and courteous. If you are rude to other members, you will be warned and may be banned.
Secondary rules: Lj-cut very long posts or any images other than a single small one. English is the main language of this journal; posts in other languages are allowed, but please make an effort to post in English. This community is a safe place for non-native speakers to write in English without worrying about mistakes. Do not correct other members' English unless they have requested it.


- readableblog
- e_poche (EFL teacher at Kyoto university)
- languagelog (linguistics)
- cognitivedaily (linguistics)
- worldwidewords (English morphology and etymology)
- linguists
- linguistics
- tefl
- adult_esl
- eikaiwa
- eslgames
- teachabroad
- ozarque (Dr. Suzette Haden Elgin)
- tesall
- esl_lessonideas

General information
- TESOL FAQ, including entries on common acronyms, necessary degrees, and more. Very good.
- Dave's ESL Cafe--also see FAQs for each country under International Forums
- TESall

- Job List at Dave's (international)
- TESall.com Job Board (international)

Associations and Journals
- ELT and Applied Linguistics Journals Online (a directory of free online and subscription journals) -- also see the free online journals post at your moderator's blog for teachers
- TESOL (no relation!)
- Asia TEFL (free membership)
- California TESOL
- American Association for Applied Linguistics
- Modern Language Assocation
- Japanese Association of Language Teachers
- Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

- Readable Blog (your moderator's blog of free English learning resources, etc., for students)
- Talk to the Clouds (your moderator's blog for teachers)
- Secret Origin of Good Readers (a large PDF with comics-themed activities and lesson plans)
- Boggle's World
- Extensive Reading Pages (excellent resources)
- Alta Books (major book distributor; online catalog)
- Dr Elizabeth Hanson-Smith's Computers for Education site (TELL/CALL)