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A forum for serious teachers of ESL and EFL
Individual lessons 
14th-Nov-2010 12:17 pm
Hi all,

I'm an English teacher (native speaker of British English, CELTA and PGCE) living and working in Rome.

Two of my neighbours have asked me for private English lessons. I suspect them to be about the lower end of intermediate, possibly pre-int level. One is a lady in her thirties, the other is a high-school student who's only 14.

I naturally tend towards conversation-based lessons: if there's a stimulus (such as a reading text) so much the better, although of course I understand students need to practise all four skills. I'm especially clueless about how to provide for my younger student...

I'm asking you for help with suggesting some resources!

Please help: I'm basically looking for a resource/book to help me structure one-to-one lessons. It doesn't have to do all the work for me, but I'd like somewhere to start!

Thanks :-)
17th-Nov-2010 06:32 am (UTC)
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